Wearable Vibes

Our Mission

"Positive anything is better than negative nothing."
-Elbert Hubbard, writer

We have one goal. To spread love and positivity through our clothing. With all the hate and negativity going on in the world, the least we can do is provide some light. We would feel eternally happy and accomplished if we could just brighten just one customer's day. Fortunately, we've had the privilege of a lifetime to be able to provide for thousands of customers and make their lives that much better.

Spread some positivity everybody!

Our Story

Our story originated off of self worth and depression. Our co-founder, being on the verge of a dark downward spiral into depression, was saved by his best friend. Through long late night talks, hugs, and tears he managed to escape the terrifying grasp of depression. Now, he and his best friend, wants to help more people do the same. By creating clothing based on self love and positivity, our founders managed to spread positivity to thousands of customers. Our founders are actively engaged in raising awareness for mental health and donates 50% of profits to various mental health charities across the United States and the world. With your wonderful help, we've managed to donate almost tens of thousands of dollars to a great cause.

Our Priority

You! Yep, you heard us. Our highest priority is our amazing customers. You giving us your time and attention is the greatest honor. Therefore, we believe that we should do everything in our ability to reciprocate that back! To you, our dear customer, we say thank you!


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Spreading love to those who feel otherwise

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Spreading light to those who feel trapped in the dark

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Spreading positivity to those who cannot find any

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